Westworld: Logan Actor Discusses Finale and Fan Theories

Today on HBO's Westworld official Facebook page, Ben Barnes, who plays the role of black-hat Logan, hosted a live Q&A session with fans of the series.

After he joked around about people in New York City yelling at him for doing bad things on the show, he answered quite a few questions, including his advice to fans concerning the upcoming season finale.

"Although I think sometimes if you try too hard to theorize and work out whats going on instead of just letting yourself enjoy the show and digesting it it can ruin some of the surprises because you're more excited about being right than you are about being surprised or feeling the emotions that these reveals are supposed to envoke."

"So stop thinking so hard and just enjoy the finale for what it is...and let it wash over you like a huge terrifying wave!"

A huge terrifying wave? Should we not be expecting a happy ending?

(Photo: HBO)

Barnes also explained that during filming the actors did not know the outcome of the storyline, because they only got their scripts days before each episode.

Basically, the stars of Westworld were also coming up with their own theories during production, and some of them were exactly the same as ours, because they weren't able to binge.

"We really did have this serialized experience in which we were trying to figure out what was going on, in the same way that most of you are hypothesizing about characters doubling up, or whether there are certain timelines or what a character's future might be - we were doing the same thing!"

"Sometimes we were wrong and sometimes we were right, like most of you have been!"

With the season finale coming up this Sunday, we are still trying to figure out what exactly is going on and what's next for Westworld.

Thanks to Ben Barnes, at least we know to expect a terrifying endgame!

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Westworld airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.