WATCH: YouTubers Read Mean Tweets On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Some of YouTube's most familiar faces joined Jimmy Kimmel Live to read some mean tweets before making a stop at VidCon in Anaheim, California. Everyone from Tyler Oakley to Kinglsey, Lilly Singh, Grace Helbig, and the Vlogbrothers were able to laugh off some ridiculous tweets aimed at themselves and their videos. This popular segment from Jimmy Kimmel has also been directed towards athletes, musicians, and other celebrities who have come in to read mean tweets about themselves.

One tweet directed at Lilly Singh read: "@IISuperwomanII ur videos was worst," to which Singh replied, "Well your English was worster."

Another tweet at Matthew Patrick stated: "@MatPatGT I think you'll fit right in here in Texas. We have a lot of annoying, unlikeable, egotistical a**holes here."

In the final mean tweet reading, Grace Helbig garnered huge laughs to her reaction to the tweet stating, "Can someone tell me why that unfunny t**t Grace Helbig has a tv show. My taint is funnier and easier on the eyes." Helbig then sarcastically exclaimed, "Yes! Retweet. Favorite. Follow," before doing an epic phone drop and then realizing that the phone was actually not hers.

The other tweets were filled with equally ridiculous insults, explicit language and outrageous opinions. While these insults may have seemed extremely rude, these YouTube users are likely no stranger to such nasty commentary on themselves considering the comments section on YouTube videos are typically overloaded with harsh negativity regardless of the video.

Hopefully all of these YouTube stars will get a little more respect when they make appearances at the multi-genre video conference VidCon.

Check out the video above to watch the hilarious segment.