This Is What Happens When A Woman Wearing Tight Shorts Goes Out In Public

This outrageous new YouTube video shows how people would react to the sight of a buxom woman walking through the park in tight shorts. The creepy video was part of a stunt called "Big Booty Bait in Public Prank."

YouTubers Immature Life wanted to see exactly what might happen if they caught people's reactions on videos, and the results were ridiculous. To open the segment, two men named DengisV and Jason state: "Hey everyone we're in London and we're trying to see how many people we can get to..." and trails off before finishing his sentence as 24-year-old Kaysheen Whiteley walked by in her white top and tiny shorts.

Whiteley drew gasps, stares, and people even took secret photos as she waltzed through London's Hyde Park. She walked by two men, one of whom tapped his friend so they could both ogle at her and grin. Another couple caught on camera showed a man receiving a slap from his girlfriend after he could not stop staring at Kaysheen's bottom.

Several women were filmed behind Kaysheen likely discussing what she was wearing, and one man even fell off of his scooter as he sees her walking by.

The most disturbing moment, however, was when one man sitting on a bench appeared to snap photos on his phone of Whiteley's bottom while openly rubbing his crotch.


The clip concludes by with the man who was slapped pleading with his girlfriend as she marches away in utter disgust. Since being posted on YouTube this week, the video has already been viewed more than 750,000 times.

Check out the video above to see all of the creepy reactions in the "Big Booty Prank in Public."