Watch This Girl Have A Seriously Unfortunate Injury In A Horrendous Motorcycle Accident

WARNING: The content is this video is extremely graphic, and contains NSFW language.

On August 9, YouTube users JohnnyStunts posted a graphic video of an insane wreck between a car and two people on a motorcycle.

The video shows the driver on the motorcycle running a red light at a four-way intersection, and crashing into a small sized car at full speed. Both the man and woman on the motorcycle are sent flying through the air, and landed well beyond the spot of the crash. Upon impact, the bike was smashed to bits with parts scattering all over the road.

The cameraman comes to a stop after the horrific crash, and immediately runs over to check on the bikers as they lay on the ground. Amazingly, the man driving the bike seemed not to be significantly injured. However, the woman was not so fortunate in the accident.

As the camera pans over to her body, the woman is screaming in agony. She can be seen laying on the ground with her foot completely ripped off from the rest of her leg, and the bone sticking out of her pants.

People in other cars around the intersection jumped out of their vehicles and rushed over to the scene of the crash. The cameraman and several people are screaming, "Call 9-1-1! Call 9-1-1, now!"

No word on whether the woman was able to keep her foot. Hopefully everyone involved in the wreck was ok.


Have you ever seen a motorcycle crash this gruesome?