Watch Randy Orton Go Full Force And Call Out Brock Lesnar

Things just got even more real between WWE superstars Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar. In a recently published YouTube video from the WWE network, 36-year-old Orton totally called out Brock Lesnar for wanting to challenge him at Summer Slam. The upcoming match is one of the most highly anticipated events as both Orton and Lesnar are two of the most important wrestlers in the WWE's history.

Orton starts out the smack-talking clip by mocking the WWE Champion's record and nicknames. "Brock Lesnar," Orton starts out addressing him directly, "The One in 22-1, the Conqueror, the Beast Incarnate, the man who wants to take me to Suplex City at Summer Slam."

Orton, however, has made no arrangements to travel to Suplex City any time soon.

"Well, Brock there's a problem with your plan, and it has a way of coming out of nowhere," Orton continued, "and it's spelled 'RKO.'" Orton also mentioned earlier to TMZ that he knows Brock "better than he knows himself," and that the secret to beating him is "one RKO."

"Don't believe me, then just try, try to take me to Suplex City. I dare you. See what happens when you step inside Viperville. What are you waiting for?"

Randy Orton clearly feels very confident about the upcoming match at Summer Slam. What say you, Brock Lesnar?!

While legitimate arguments could be made for either wrestler to win the match, who do you think will come out victorious between The Viper and The Beast?


[H/T WWE Network]