Watch Mckayla Maroney Talk Rio Olympics Game Faces

American gymnast McKayla Maroney is not participating in this year's Rio Olympics, but she did stop by Good Morning America to chat with morning show hosts about the current Olympic Games.

After a segment showing pictures of some of the hilarious Olympic game faces, Maroney was asked about her own game face. The face that Maroney unintentionally made after winning the silver medal during the 2012 London Olympic games went on to become a viral sensation launching thousands of internet memes.

Maroney explained the incident on Good Morning America: "I wasn't in the moment thinking, this is a face I'm trying to make. It was a feeling, it was an emotion. And I got back to the village and my dad was like, you might wanna know about everything that's happening."

She also recalled the moment when her dad told her about "the face" and how it was being talked about all over social media at the time. "I got back to the village, and my Dad was like, 'You might want to know about everything that's happening.'" She continued, "Because in London, it's like, we didn't know and I was focused, the next day...we had to go to the all-around and support those girls. I wasn't ready for that."

Maroney has been able to maintain a good sense of humor about the whole ordeal. She will still do "the face" when asked nicely.


The 20-year-old former Olympian is now retired from gymnastics and is pursuing a singing career. To keep up with McKayla Maroney, follow her on Instagram here.

We wish McKayla good luck in all of her future musical endeavors. Who knows, maybe her debut album can be a picture of "the face?"