WATCH: Artist's Prosthetic Arm Doubles As A Tattoo Gun

Tattoo artist JC Sheitan Tenet is now the proud new owner of the world's first tattooing prosthetic arm. Brush strokes of the first tattoo with Tenet's new tool were captured on video and has since become an Internet sensation.

Tenet is a tattoo artist living in Lyon, France and typically performs tattoos with his left hand. French artist JL Gonzal crafted the impressive contraption for specifically for Tenet and built the machine out of an existing prosthetic arm that Gonzal customized to be able to do tattoos. He used various metal bits and hand crafted the tattoo machine to the prosthetic arm and the results are stunning.

The new tattooing prosthetic arm affords Tenet all the control and precision he needs to detail a customer's artwork. Tenet can set the new tool to draw the lines, add the coloring, and detail the shading that any standard tattoo machine could perform.

The customer in the video posted on World Star Hip Hop, was having a detailed calf tattoo of an embrace between a man and a skeleton. The tattoo required intricate lines and extensive shading and Tenet's tattooing prosthetic arm was more than capable of handling the job.

To see the results of the tattoo from the aforementioned video, click here. In addition to the video, Tenet also has a gallery full of the tattoos and examples of his art on his Facebook page. Skeletons seem to play a major theme in Tenet's artwork as well as the use of color and tone to make the tattoo pop right off the skin.


Now with Tenet's new tattooing prosthetic arm, and sudden increase in popularity, could Tenet be able land himself a spot on a premiere tattoo show such as Inkmaster?