Veteran Flips Out On Pokemon GO Players At Memorial Park

Pokemon GO continues to dominate the charts, but as a result of the sudden popularity, a number of incidents have popped up related to the game.

A number of things come to mind, but most recently the game seems to have an issue with location. Not locating the player but in regards to players choosing to play the game in areas that aren't necessarily the best place to do so. A good rule of thumb is if a place is meant as a tribute or a memorial in any way, maybe don't use that as your personal play space. Sure it's still a "public place", but use your better judgement, and certainly don't hang a hammock there.

Pokemon Diglet

A veteran named Bruce Reed showed up with some friends in what seems like an ongoing conversation with a few local Pokemon GO players, who had set up shop at the memorial with a tent and a hammock, and going by the conversation they had, it seems this wasn't the first day they had done this. Reed was pretty upset, and the exchange got heated almost immediately.

"These are like f****** gravestones right there!" screams Reed, but instead of just apologizing one of the players comments "No it's not."

That set Reed off, and the vet slaps the phone out of the player's hand hard. Once he recovered, amidst comments of "going to jail", Reed yells into the camera "Take my f****** picture, yeah it was Bruce f****** Reed."


Things continue to go south between the groups, with Reed getting even more upset. At one point, Reed charges head on into the tent, rolling the entire thing over. He then responded to a challenge from one of the players, who proceeded to run backwards away from him after his ill thought comment.

The entire video is located above, but the biggest takeaway from all of this is to use common sense when playing Pokemon. If you didn't feel comfortable playing a game there before, then most likely you probably shouldn't play Pokemon GO there now. Just a thought.