Usain Bolt And Andre De Grasse Just Completely Smoked The 200-Meter Semi-Final

(Photo: CBC Olympics)

Winning the 200m dash at the Olympics may seem like an incredibly difficult task for most, Jamaica's Usain Bolt and Canada's Andre De Grasse don't appear to think so. The two athletes laughed and smiled as they crossed the finish line of the semifinal event in the Rio games making it look as easy as going for a light jog through the park.

While De Grasse set a Canadian record in the 200 meters, people's heads were turned mostly by the way he did it. Bolt and De Grasse came in first and second respectively, but for the last part of the race, the two were looking over at one another laughing while the other runners behind them were struggling to even come compete.

In the final meters, De Grasse gained ground on Bolt, but the Jamaican laughed and wagged his finger at his younger Canadian rival as he finished the race in first.

"He was supposed to slow down," Bolt joked about De Grasse's last push towards the end of the race. "I said, 'What are you doing? It's a semifinal.' But I think he wanted to push me."

The relationship between the two runners is extremely competitive, yet playful at the same time. While both have the sole purpose in mind of winning medals, they have been able to show respect and admiration for one another. After the race on Wednesday evening, the hashtag #DeBolt was trending when viewers saw first hand the budding bromance between De Grasse and Bolt.

"I want to push for gold, and even if I don't get it, I got to push [Bolt] to his potential, his limits and see what he has left," De Grasse stated.

The final for the 200m will be tonight at 8:30 p.m. on NBC.


Who would you like to see take the gold in the 200m sprint?

[H/T CBC Olympics]