Two Enormous Snakes Crash Into Man’s Kitchen For A Wrestling Match

Murray Paas walked into his kitchen to find two massive snakes intertwined in what some are calling a wrestling match, and others are calling a mating ritual.

These aren't Paas' snakes, but they had no qualms breaking into his kitchen and treating it as their own. Both of these cold-blooded creatures coiled around one another, wriggling and writhing as they repeatedly rise up and slam each other to the ground.

"I thought they were mating since the difference in colours lead me to assume they're of opposite sex," Paas wrote to his Facebook. "But a couple of people have said this is a pair of males battling over a nearby female. Either way, I'd rather they take it outside. Hypnotic to watch though."

While the video only lasts a few minutes, Paas said the snakes were at it for more than an hour.

Ironically, this isn't the first time Paas has stumbled across huge snakes in his residence. He claims one has taken up permanent residence in his ceiling, but he's "fine with it because it keeps the pests away."

Paas says he's also been woken up in the middle of the night to find a pair of snakes hanging from his ceiling.

Whatever the case, we're surprised Paas was brave enough to stick around and capture these two creatures on camera. We would have ran.


[ H/T ABC ]