'Twin Peaks' Is Definitely Coming, Just Not Until 2017


During Showtime's Television Critics Association executive session in Beverly Hills, there was a lot of discussion about David Lynch's "Twin Peaks." As you would expect, little information was released about the upcoming show except that it is still looking to launch in the "first-half to midyear, the early side of mid-year 2017." Director David Lynch has imposed a strict cone of silence around the project, but Showtime has finally provided a tentative release date for the highly anticipated show.

Lynch is now trying to figure out how to trim the extensive material he'd written with Mark Frost into episodes whose length and release pattern will likely vary, according to Deadline. The only other information Lynch has offered concerning the show was when he released the names of all 200 plus cast members earlier this year.

David Nevins, the CEO of Showtime stated, "Everything about Twin Peaks is going to be unconventional — unconventional in the handling of it and how we put it out in the world and how we market." He continued, "I want to embrace the unusualness of it, and I think it is quite possible we're not going to do a traditional release pattern. I don't know exactly what that means yet. I've had a couple of conversations with [Lynch]. I can definitely see longer episodes or the question of how we release it linearly and for those who want to stream it."

While Nevins and programming president Gary Levine haven't seen any edited footage as of yet, they sounded very excited about the dailies they've viewed thus far. "We were both instantly transported," Levine stated. He continued "['Twin Peaks'] is so singular. We can't wait to show it to the world."


Do you look forward to watching David Lynch's "Twin Peaks" show when it's released in 2017?