'Top Gun' Actress Kelly McGillis Assaulted In Home Invasion


Top Gun star Kelly McGillis was left "scratched and bruised" after an intruder assaulted her at her home in North Carolina on Friday, June 17.

The 58-year old actress detailed the incident in a lengthy Facebook post. She wrote, "Upon entering the house I notice a pair of pink sandals and a black larger pair." At first she thought that it was possibly one of her daughters in her house, but soon learned that it was not after calling out 'hello' several times with no response.

"[But then] a stranger, a woman, came barreling down the hallway and began yelling at me. I asked her who she is and why she was in my house and she said 'you know you've been stalking me in twitter.' Not true."

McGillis was concerned that there might also be another intruder somewhere in the house. She recalled, "We have quite a few guns and lots of ammo and that's when I started to panic. Thinking that if they have one of them I could be shot."

That's when McGillis made a run for the front door attempting to call 911. The intruder chased her out of the house and McGillis wrote that she "began punching and scratching [me] trying to grab the phone out of my hand. I began screaming as loud as I could hoping someone somewhere might hear me."

Luckily McGillis was able to wriggle free from the grips of the intruder and flagged down a truck that called 911 for her.

The intruder, 38-year-old Laurence Marie Dorn, was later "arrested by the Henderson County police and charged with second degree burglary, misdemeanor larceny, misdemeanor stalking, assault and battery and interfering with emergency communication," according to FOX News.


McGillis wrote that the incident left her "scratched and bruised" but she is "thankful it turned out well." She also has plans to protect herself from another incident of this type as she mentioned in her post, "I have decided to get a conceal and carry permit. And you can be sure I will be setting the alarm from here on out."

Thankfully McGillis is ok and believes that she is able to find the "positive in a negative situation."