This Man’s Random Act Of Kindness Helps A Homeless Girl Reunite With Her Family

A stranger in Perth, Australia, proved to the world that truly good people still exist.

Jess, a homeless girl who had been living on the streets of Perth, recently connected with family after being estranged for n extended period of time. She decided it was time to return to New Zealand and be with loved ones, but there was a problem: Jess didn't have any money.

Because Jess isn't a resident of Australia, she doesn't qualify for income assistance, but that didn't stop her from pursuing her dream of reuniting with her family. Broke but determined, she resorted to begging, telling her story to anyone who would listen. That's when a good Samaritan took notice.

A man approached Jess and listened as she explained her situation. She told him of her experiences living on the streets - the hardships she's faced. Suddenly, the man held out his hand and told Jess to come with him.

"Come with me. I'll sort you out," he said.

The man took Jess to a nearby ATM and withdrew enough money for Jess to purchase a one-way ticket back to her family.

He didn't ask for her gratitude, he didn't ask to be repaid, he simply wished her well and walked off. It's a beautiful story that shows random acts of kindness can still happen.


Travel safe, Jess and we hope your reunion with your family is as beautiful as this man's kind gesture.

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