This Makeup Artist Can Transform Herself Into Any Celebrity She Wants

Let's face it: At some point in our lives, we've all wondered what it would be like if we were to look like someone else. Whether we want to dress like our favorite actors or walk a mile in an athlete's shoes, the rush that comes from dressing up like our idols is liberating. And, for Lucia Pittalis, she takes her desire to dress-up to a whole new level.

Lucia, who's an insanely gifted artist, recently posted an article to BoredPanda to showcase her transformative talents using makeup. Describing her work, she writes, "I am a painter and makeup artist and a huge cinema, theater and music lover. I fussed my passion for portraits and makeup by developing an artistic project consisting of me turning myself into characters and celebrities, pushing the contouring techniques to the limit. I don't use prosthetic appliances."

And, after you've seen Lucia's work, it's be hard to believe she avoids prosthetics. In her photos, Lucia has painstakingly turned herself into everyone from Queen Elizabeth to Hulk Hogan. On Instagram, Lucia has uploaded dozens of photos from her looks as she preps for the project until she finally shows off her art. Using contouring and lots of makeup, Lucia is able to fundamentally alter the appearance of facial features such as her cheekbones, nose, chin, and even eyes. The artist, who appears young herself, is also easily able to age herself up as she's mastered the art of shading wrinkles and laugh lines.

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Lucia now posts her transformations online to the awe of thousands who're stunned by her artistic skill. However, she doesn't keep up her labor-intensive hobby for her fans. Rather, Lucia continues creating characters because she loves doing so. "It is so funny to create a character with your own possibilities! I buy old stuff like wigs and accessories at markets and study the characters watching photos, movies, videos. Then I put on some background music related to that character so that it put me in the mood and I am ready to watch myself in the mirror for hours," she wrote.

While it's difficult to decide which looks are her best, Lucia's transformation into John Belushi and Gene Wilder are particularly mind-boggling. If fans were to compare her photos to those of the actors' headshots, many would be hard-pressed to spot a difference. Honestly, Lucia is unrecognizable with all of the make-up.


For now, the artist has no plans to stop her transformations as she continues gaining more and more fans. Unsurprisingly, many of her followers are hoping if Lucia will start taking requests in the future. From The Hulk to Jared Leto, fans already have tons of celebrities that they'd like for Lucia to try on.