This Giant Alligator Was Spotted On A Golf Course In Florida

florida alligator
(Photo: Charles Helms)

Golfers at a Florida golf course discovered an unexpected hazard last week. Charles Helms posted a video of a giant alligator walking across a golf course in Palmetto, Florida. The video shows the alligator slowly sauntering past a sand hazard as other golfer gawk in amazement. Here's a news report showing the alligator in action:

Of course, alligators aren't exactly uncommon in Florida golf course. The combination of bright sun and water hazards make many golf course perfect homes for the giant reptiles. Last year, a giant alligator named "Goliath" made headlines when it roamed a golf course in Englewood, Florida, shocking several players.

For those wondering about what to do when your golf ball falls near an alligator, official USGA rules allow golf players to take "total relief" when faced with a dangerous situation, so that golfer won't have to try hitting their ball from the mouth of an alligator.

(via KSNV)