The Playboy Mansion Has Sold With A Strange Turn Of Events

(Photo: Twitter / @hughhefner)

On Tuesday, Hugh Hefner officially sold his iconic Playboy mansion for $100 million. The California estate was purchased by Daren Metropoulos, the heir to a fortune built on Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, Chef Boyardee meatballs and Bumble Bee tuna.

In January, the 20,000 sq. ft. house was originally listed for $200 million, which made the mansion the most expensive home for sale in America at the time, according to Business Insider. Hefner originally bought the mansion for $1.05 million in 1971, and quickly turned it into a sexual playground of sorts. The 29-room house includes catering and chef's kitchens, a game room, a screening room with built-in organ, a wine cellar, and a two-floor master suite.

According to the deal, all of the statues, gargoyles and arcade games at the mansion are included in the sale. The contract for the sale of the house was agreed upon at half of the original listing price, but will allow 90-year-old Hugh Hefner to stay as long as he desires.

"The Playboy Mansion is one of the most iconic properties in the world and the crown jewel of Holmby Hills and the platinum triangle," Metropoulos stated in a press release announcing the closure of the sale.

"I feel fortunate and privileged to now own a one-of-a-kind piece of history and art," Metropoulos continued. "I look forward to eventually rejoining the two estates and enjoying this beautiful property as my private residence for years to come."

Metropoulos has been living next door to the mansion since 2009, and has already approved to Playboy's Midsummer Night's Dream Party next Saturday and the annual Halloween bash, according to TMZ. The news outlet also reported that Metropoulos plans to conjoin his adjacent 2-acre property with the 5-acre Playboy property, and that he wants to restore both estates to their original versions.

Would you purchase the Playboy Mansion if you had the opportunity?


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