Teen Mom Star Catelynn Lowell Opens Up About Her Battle With Postpartum Depression

Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell is opening up about her long-time battle with postpartum depression on an episode of The Doctors.

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Lowell's husband Tyler Baltierra admits the depression was beginning to have a large impact on the relationship. "It affected [our marriage] as far as our communication goes," Baltierra said. "For the first time, we didn't know how to communicate because we never went through it before and we didn't know anything about postpartum. It's definitely created a little bit of tension."

He also spoke about possibly being insensitive about Lowell's struggles because he was naïve and had no idea what was going on in her mind. Lowell has since sought out help after checking into rehab after her daughter Nova turned 14 months old.

"It's funny because I thought about going away for a long time, like, 'Oh I need help, I need help,' but I just was like, 'Eh, I can do it by myself, I can do it by myself,' " she recalled. "And then it was like finally coming to this realization that I don't think this was just panic disorders and depression, I think this is something more."

On the show, Dr. Mike Dow says when handling a situation like this with a significant other it's best to find what he calls the "sweet spot." He spoke about finding ways to ask the other person "what's wrong?" rather than jumping the gun and saying, "Something is wrong with you."

With that, Baltierra did the best he could and researched different rehabs until finding one Lowell agreed to go to.

The couple says they are doing much better now, and definitely staying away from social media and the mean comments that come with it.


This article first appeared on Womanista.com