'Stranger Things' Just Got An 'It's Always Sunny' Makeover And It's Amazing

(YouTube, Juan Carlos Pelayo)

Stranger Things has made a massive cultural splash due to it not only pinpointing 80s nostalgia, but capitalizing on it with amazing writing, editing, direction and editing. The hopefully-soon-to-be renewed show has been spawning various kinds of internet memes, but this might be the best one yet.

The It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia opening credit sequence is perfectly draped over a scene in Stranger Things where Mike, Dustin and Lucas are arguing with Sheriff Hopper because they want to go out searching for their best friend who has recently gone missing. Hopper pokes fun at them and shuts them down, very similar to how the adults acted in E.T.

This mashup is near perfect, and only near perfect because if Charlie, Dennis and Mac were somehow included, we'd be cooking with gas!


[H/T YouTube, Juan Carlos Pelayo]