Steph Curry Fined $25K For Throwing Mouthguard At Cleveland Fans


Golden State Warriors point guard Steph Curry is being fined $25,000 for throwing his mouth guard into the crowd that hit one of the fans sitting court side during game 6 of the NBA finals.

The MVP threw his mouth guard after he fouled out on what he thought was a poor call by the referee. Curry then received a technical for throwing the mouth guard, giving the Cavaliers a free throw attempt.

While Curry will not be suspended for the temper tantrum, he was slapped with a $25,000 fine, according to ESPN.

The Warriors would go on to lose the game to the Cleveland Cavaliers 115-101, as Curry was ejected for the final 4:22 remaining on the clock. Warriors Head Coach, Steve Kerr, was however not upset with Curry because of the incident.

Kerr stated, "He had every right to be upset. He's the MVP of the league. He gets six fouls called on him, three of them were absolutely ridiculous."

For his comments criticizing the referees, coach Steve Kerr was also fined in the amount of $25,000. Although Kerr was critical of the calls against Steph Curry, he did mention that the officiating was not the reason the Warriors lost the game.

"Let me be clear: We did not lose because of the officiating. They totally outplayed us, and Cleveland deserved to win. But three of those six fouls were incredibly inappropriate calls for anybody, much less the MVP of the league."


The final game of the series will be this Sunday in Oakland, California.