The Simpsons Comments On Its Trump Presidency Prediction

Last week Donald Trump was elected 45th President of the United States, in an election victory that very few saw coming six months or even a year ago, when he started his campaign run. However, as pop-culture fans and Trump opponents quickly realized, there had been a prophecy that this might occur: The Simpsons had predicted the Trump presidency way back in the year 2000.

Well, after the buzz on social media about The Simpsons' precognitive abilities, leave it to show to have a witty retort to its own trending popularity. As The Simpsons aired its new episode on Sunday, November 13, it included sly commentary in its opening credits, as part of Bart's customary chalkboard writing gag:

Some may excuse the show of having a political slant; but then again, in twenty-eight seasons The Simpsons hasn't exactly kept its political leanings a mystery, so... little late to be mad about it.

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The Simpsons is currently airing season 28, Sundays @ 8pm/7c on Fox.