Shannen Doherty Announces Change In Treatment Plan For Breast Cancer

When it comes to cancer, there's no one-size-fits-all answer, a truth that Shannen Doherty knows all too well.

As she continues to battle the disease, she's keeping fans, friends and family up to date on the journey and all the twists and turns that make up treatment. She went in to determine her next course of treatment and ended up using a CT scan to help rther than her usual contrast testing.

"CT scan to do mapping for radiation plan. This scared me so much. Not sure why," Doherty wrote. "Was supposed to get it with contrast but the minute they started looking at which vein to use I started crying. Full panic attack. Sometimes, you just get sick of being poked. And that's ok."

"I cried. I felt sorry for myself for a minute," she continued. "Then stopped and reminded myself of how lucky I am. Thank God my new radiation oncologist decided to try without contrast so I would calm down."

"So.... one panic attack down and mapping done!!" the Charmed star finished. "Now to actually start radiation... #cancerslayer #warrior #fightlikeagirl #blessed."


We continue to keep Doherty in our thoughts and prayers and applaud her bravery on sharing her battle with the world in such an inspiring way.

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