Report: Marvel Studios' Feige Nearly Quit Over Civil War Concerns

The ongoing saga of the Marvel Studios reorganization, in which president Kevin Feige and the Studios now report directly to Walt Disney Studios' Alan Horn instead of Marvel Entertainment CEO Ike Perlmutter, continued Thursday afternoon with a new report by THR. The Hollywood trade, quoting several unnamed sources, reports that Feige nearly quit Marvel altogether during the production of Captain America: Civil War, forcing Disney CEO Bob Iger to find a new solution.

The primary concern named in the report was that of budget. With Civil War's extensive cast of characters, it's more akin to an Avengers film than a solo hero's. In fact, with two full teams clashing in the film, it has the most heroes to appear together in one Marvel Studios yet. That naturally upped the budget, something Perlmutter might not have been keen to do.


Aside from the coincidental civil war within Marvel over Civil War's budget, the report speculates on what changes, if any, the industry should expect with Marvel Studios' new direct line of contact. Their sources are mixed on this point, with some expecting little to no changes and others thinking they'll ease up a bit on the purse strings - and the contract demands. Of course, those contract demands, like getting Samuel L. Jackson to sign a 9 movie contract for a couple minutes of post-credit screentime, have proved the backbone of the Marvel Cinematic Universe thus far.