Remembering Paul Walker On His Birthday

Today, Paul Walker would have been 43. The Fast and the Furious star left us far too early and was an action star that was not only fun to watch shifting gears, but fun to see laugh and crack that famous, lovable smile.

(Photo: Twitter / @TheRealPaulWalker)

The Internet was full of love and paid their respects to the late actor in some very visual and memorable tweets:

Walker was the king of cool and was known for making female audiences drool over not only his looks, but his charming personality onscreen. Bottom line, he was a damn fun actor to watch. And his biggest fan? The Diesel man himself. The two actors' close friendship spawned from The Fast and the Furious franchise, but ended up being more of a brother relationship, as Vin Diesel saw him as family.

(Photo: GIPHY)

Walker will always be remembered by the Pop Culture Now staff, but it's great to see the Internet is paying their respects and showing him love as well.

Drive on, Paul.