Prison Break's Dominic Purcell Makes Amazing Recovery From Injury, Shares Funny Video

(Photo: Dominic PurcellInstagram)

Actor Dominic Purcell says "the recovery has been pretty amazing" in his most recent updates on his on-set injury. About a week ago, a pipe fell on the set of Prison Break, and the star, returning to the series after a stint on The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow along with co-star Wentworth Miller, was injured, with a gash on his head and two fractures on his nose. "This time last week my head [was] busted open like a cracked walnut and my nose [was] smashed across the other side of my face," as he so bluntly puts it.

He thanked his doctor in Morocco where they're currently filming, and said he should be fully recovered within the next two weeks. Purcell also shared a video of him in recovery after surgery, when he was... heavily dosed to deal with the pain.

The actor assures his fans he's "totally fine" and needs "no more get well soon" messages. But we'll throw one more his way, none-the-less.


Dominic Purcell will resume filming Prison Break's new return season, set to premiere on FOX in the mid-season, which he stars in with Wentworth Miller. The pair starred on season one of DC's Legends of Tomorrow on The CW as two of The Flash's Rogues, Heatwave and Captain Cold. They both return to Prison Break after six years off the air, one of several TV revivals in the works (FOX also has 24 returning, and brought X-Files back this year).