Prison Break Comic-Con Trailer Released Online

Fox was looking to break some big shows out during its San Diego Comic Con panel, and that's exactly what the television studio did. The network released new footage from its upcoming revival of Prison Break to fans who've been curious about the series' continuation for awhile now.

In the video, Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) can be seen speaking with a fellow inmate in an undisclosed prison. Sitting next to one another, Michael comments that he's "never seen [him] this scared before" in reference to the other man. Hesitant, the man explains that the prison is going to commit an "act of forgiveness" that will allow the prisoners currently held in solitary to be released. As Michael's acquaintance was imprisoned by the government for 20 years for homosexuality, the man is certain the inmates who'll be released will kill him once they discover his crimes. He asks, "They're going to kill me, you know?"

The man's death, however, hinges upon whether Michael will be able to break them out of prison. To kick-off his plans, Michael requests a piece of gum from his friend who seems confused, wondering how the candy will help them escape jail. But, once Michael receives the gift, he turns and tells his friend, "I will show you that, just like the butterflies' wings, this piece of gum is going to start a sequence of events that will finish on the other side of the world."

Fans have already starting clamoring over the clip, more than excited to see Prison Break return with all its quintessential intrigue intact. During SDCC, Wentworth Miller appeared on-stage with actor Dominic Purcell, his co-star. Purcell spoke about the revival, crediting Miller for the show's return as he came up with the idea back when the two were reunited on The CW's The Flash.

Purcell recalled, "We got on set, and it was just like we hadn't been apart for all these years, and we started to warm to the idea of why not 'Prison Break'? The greenlight essentially came from Wentworth."


However, it was important for Miller to make Prison Break fresh again for both new and old viewers. That's why the actor was pleased to learn that the show's creator Paul Scheuring would be returning to see the series return. ""I figured that we would have to be true to the show's DNA, but once Paul Scheuring signed on to spearhead these nine episodes," Miller said. "I wanted it to be something you remember, but also something radical and different and new."