Netflix Has 40% Less Movies Than It Used To


If you have recently felt like there aren't as many movies and shows available on Netflix anymore...then you would be right. Exstreamist reports that the number of shows and movies available on Netflix has dwindled down by 40% since 2012.

In 2012, there were over 9000 available titles ready for viewing at the click of a button. Now there is just over 5100 shows and movies available on the world's largest streaming service, according to Thrillist. However, Netflix has taken a quality over quantity approach in recent years instead of providing a large amount of options from other producers.

Netflix has been focusing on developing their original content for streaming with hit shows such as Marco Polo, House of Cards, and Orange Is The New Black along with films the company has purchased such as The Office spinoff movie and a $90 million Will Smith flick.

While the transition to quality content has led to some of the aforementioned awesome shows and movies available for streaming, some partnerships with Netflix have faded away forcing movies like The Wolf of Wall Street and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire to be removed from the streaming service.

Not only does Netflix have around 40% less content than it used to have, the company also plans to raise the prices starting this year. Because of the price increases, expert analysts such as Anthony DiClemente have predicted that Netflix will lose around 500,000 subscribers. While Netflix may be losing half a million subscribers, experts are also predicting Netflix will earn around $520 million in revenues just from bumping the prices up to $9.99 per month subscriptions for the popular two-stream HD package.


The number of original Netflix titles will likely continue to grow due to the popularity of some of their original content, but the decrease in available material may possibly dethrone Netflix as the king of the online streaming services.

What are your thoughts on Netflix reducing the number of available movies and shows by 40%?