Netflix Announces Sense8 Christmas Special

Netflix announced last year that their original series Sense8 would be getting a second season, but details on when that season would begin have been kept under wraps. Netflix broke their silence on the series yesterday, not only announcing when the second season will premiere, but also that fans will get to see Sense8: A Christmas Special through the official Sense8 Twitter account.

That's right, you'll still have to wait another six months to see what's next for the show, which will be picking up right where the first season ended. However, on December 23, you can check out the Christmas special, which will hopefully (yule)tide you over until then.

Looks like Netflix wants to tap into the market of science fiction Christmas specials, thanks to the success of Dr. Who and Black Mirror. Maybe soon they'll expand that into "A House of Cards Christmas," "Red and Green is the New Black," or "Marvel's Luke Claus."


[H/T The Verge]