NBC Pulls Trump-Inspired 'Law & Order: SVU' Episode

Former reality star and current presidential nominee Donald Trump can't seem to get out from under the spotlight. From his wild statements on and off camera to his comments about women, The Donald's persona is bigger than his bank account and makes for a perfect template to base a character off of, which is exactly what Law & Order: SVU was planning to do. Until now.

donald trump and gary cole split- getty -h 2016
(Photo: Hollywood Reporter)

NBC had planned to air the Trump-inspired Law & Order: SVU episode on October 26, just two weeks before the presidential elections. But something happened to change their minds and now the network had decided to reschedule the hour until after America votes the next president into the Oval Office.

The episode in question is titled Unstoppable and stars Veep's Gary Cole, who plays a politician who describes himself as someone "women throw themselves" at. But his campaign goes into self-destruct mode after a series of women hurl damaging accusations at him.

It's unclear what Law & Order: SVU episode will replace Unstoppable, but we're sure fans will be anxiously waiting for the pulled episode to air after the election.


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