Mom Kicks Son Out For Supporting Donald Trump

One woman was clearly displeased with her 8-year-old son when she received word that he voted for Donald Trump at his school's mock election. In order to teach him a lesson, the woman kicked her son out of the house.

"Since you voted for Donald Trump, you can get your sh*t and get out," the woman said. "The suitcase is packed by the door, yeah, been packed since 10 this morning. Bye."

The boy burst immediately began sobbing when he realized that his mother was not joking around.

Not only did the woman pack a bag for her son, but also she made him a sign that explained why he was got the boot from her home.

"Matter of fact, get your sign so when the people see you outside, they know why you're standing there," the woman said. "You want to vote for him, I'm going to show you."

"We don't do Donald Trump here."

After trying to plead his case with his mother through his tearful sobs, the boy eventually grabbed the suitcase and walked outside.

"I got school tomorrow," the boy said in an attempt to be allowed back into the house.

"You got school tomorrow?" the woman said. "You should have thought about that."

In order to get to the bottom of the situation, the mother finally asked, "Why did you vote for him at school?"

"Because I see him on TV a lot," the boy said in response.

Soon the boy's younger sibling came out trying to get the mother to let him stay in the house, and the woman said that he can go stay with his Donald Trump-loving brother.

While this reaction may seem extreme, this woman wasn't the only one who was completely against Donald Trump becoming the President of the United States. Anti-Trump protests have broken out in cities across the country, and the President Elect even felt so compelled as to address the issue. Check out what Donald Trump said here.

What are your thoughts on this woman kicking out her 8-year-old son because he voted for Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump in a mock school Election?


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