Michael Moore Tried To Confront Donald Trump, And It Did Not Go Well

Liberal film-maker Michael Moore stormed Trump Tower in search for President-elect Donald Trump, but Secret Service guards made sure he didn't make it past the fourth floor.

Moore brought with him a note to give to Trump, but since he wasn't able to see the president-elect in person, he handed the piece of paper off to the Secret Service.

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(Photo: Daily Mail)

Moore wanted President-elect Trump to step down from his position because Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.

The streets outside of Trump Tower were filled with protestors, with some estimates putting the number at upwards of 2,000. Police lined the streets as well, ensuring the protestors remained peaceful.

Moore has been a vocal opponent of President-elect Trump throughout his campaign, going so far as to create an impromptu documentary surrounding the matter. But Moore has also come under fire for his harsh rhetoric. He's claimed President-elect Trump would "blow up the system" and even compared him to a pedophile.

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But despite Moore's popularity, he still wasn't able to personally visit President-elect Trump for an interview.


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