Mary Berry And Paul Hollywood Could Quit ‘The Great British Bake Off’ After Mel And Sue Step Down

Who would of thought baking could be so dramatic?

First, news hit The Great British Bake Off would be changing channels from BBC to Channel 4. Then, rumors started floating around the BBC was $13 million short of what Love Productions was asking. And after that, hosts Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc stepped down from the show altogether. Now, the new hosts Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood could be quitting too.

(Photo: Independent)

It's nothing short of a confectionary disaster. It was expected that Mary and Paul would be taking over for Mel and Sue, but according to a source close to them, that may not end up happening.

"Mary and Paul believe the show works because of Mel and Sue," a source told The Sun. "It's always been the four of them together. They are all really close and constantly hang out together in between filming."

"They repeatedly talk about how they are a family and they both credit the show's success down to Mel and Sue as well as the format. Paul is currently in LA and hasn't had a chance to talk to Mary. But they have always said they are in it together."

Fans have protested the change with a petition in the hopes of keeping The Great British Bake Off on BBC. It already has more than 17,000 signatures, but will that change the producers' minds?

Perkins and Giedroyc say they owe their success to the BBC, and it seems the station also has their loyalty.

"The BBC nurtured the show from its infancy and helped give it its distinctive warmth and charm, growing it from an audience of two million to nearly 15 million at its peak," Perkins and Giedroyc said.

Currently, The Great British Bake Off airs Wednesdays on BBC One.

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