Man Leads Police To Burial Site After Being Acquitted Of Murder

Michael Atkins was acquitted for murder and granted immunity from prosecution, then he led police to where he buried his boyfriend's body.

Matthew Leveson disappeared in 2007 and Atkins was the primary suspect. He stood trial for Leveson's murder, but was ultimately exonerated. But Australian authorities were intent on finding Leveson's remains, and so granted Atkins immunity from prosecution in exchange for leading them to the body.

(Photo: SMH)

On the day before Leveson disappeared, Atkins purchased a mattock and tape. During his time on the witness stand, he was grilled as to what he used the digging tool for. Atkins reason: gardening.

Now that Atkins is immune from any further legal prosecution, he has agreed to take authorities to place he buried Leveson's body. He took police to a location in the Royal National Park, not far from where Leveson used to live.

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Officers have searched the area but have yet to locate Leveson's remains.

[ H/T SMH ]