'Law & Order: SVU' to Take on 'Making a Murderer'

(Photo: NBC)

Law & Order: SVU is looking to kick off their new season with a bang, and it looks like they'll be borrowing from the Netflix true-crime hit Making a Murderer to do just that.

The Hollywood Reporter shares that E.T. star Henry Thomas and The Practice alum Kelli Williams will guest star in the upcoming episode, which will focus on Thomas' character, a convicted rapist recently exonerated due to newly tested DNA evidence after 16 years in prison.

The character was originally arrested by Fin (played by Ice T), and will be re-investigated by him as well after the character is linked to a deadly crime upon his release from prison. Williams will play Melanie, a rape victim who initially identified Thomas' character.

The episode closely echoes the storyline Making a Murderer, which followed Steven Avery, who was arrested and wrongfully convicted of a brutal sexual assault. Avery was released after years in prison but was imprisoned again for the murder of Teresa Halbach, and his appeals on the case will be featured in the next season of the Netflix drama.

Law & Order: SVU will return Wednesday, Sept. 21 at 9 p.m. on NBC and the episode will air sometime during the fall.


This story first appeared at Womanista.