Kim Kardashian Gets Personal And Reveals Her Struggles With Anxiety

Kim Kardashian West got brutally honest with herself on Sunday night's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The 36-year-old reality star admitted to struggling with anxiety.

During a conversation with her friend Jonathan Cheban, Kim said that she has been having issues with anxiety mainly while she is driving.

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"I've been having anxiety lately," Kim said. "I am not this person."

The Selfish author then had a sit-down chat with her mom, Kris Jenner, and her sister, Kendall Jenner, about her medical concerns.

"My mind does go crazy," Kim Kardashian said to her mother.

"When you get into your own head it's scary and you don't want to let it get to the next step," Kris Jenner said in response. "That's debilitating… and you can't live life."

Kim wasn't the only one who opened up about her medical concerns during the episode, Kendall Jenner also told her mom during a sit-down chat that she has been suffering from sleep paralysis.

"It's really ironic that Kim and Kendall are going through similar things," the 60-year-old Kardashian clan matriarch said. "Maybe there's a way they can help each other manage their anxiety."

"I think we should find somebody for you two to talk to," Kris said during a conversation with Kim. "So this doesn't get bigger than it already is."

Kendall and Kim sat down to discuss their symptoms and concerns with a medical therapist later in the episode.

"I really pride myself in fully having my sh*t together all the time," Kim said to the camera during her interview. "With how bad things are with Kendall, she has to get this under control."

21-year-old supermodel Kendall Jenner told the therapist that she has been having issues while flying and having panic attacks. When the therapist attempted to offer her tips for coping mechanisms, Kendall did not seem to like the ideas at all.

For Kim, she told the therapist that her anxiety hits her the hardest when she is driving.

"I think about it all the time, it drives me crazy," Kim said. "I just want to get passed my anxiety and live life… I never had anxiety and I want to take back my life."

Kim and the therapist then set out for a drive. While Kendall may not have heeded the advice of the therapist, Kim was able to overcome her anxiety issues with driving after working on the coping mechanisms that the therapist taught her.

At the end of the episode, Kim and Kendall worked with an instructor and took a meditation class together on Kim's lawn.

"Some people live by it, and because there's no cure for anxiety you have to get control of your feelings," Kim said to Kendall. "You have to get a hold of it."

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