Johnny Manziel Served With Lawsuit While Clubbing


Johnny Manziel got served with a lawsuit on Wednesday night in Hollywood, CA while out clubbing. The process server planted the legal papers right on Manziel's chest as he was on his way out of Hollywood night club, The Nice Guy.

Manziel is being sued for allegedly causing extensive damage to a rental home in Hollywood Hills after an out of control party left the mansion in shambles. The man suing Manziel is Nicholas Goodwin, owner of the house Manziel allegedly damaged. Manziel is being sued for more than $40,000 for damages covering things like "broken glasses, tables, bathroom doors, statues, couches and more." Goodwin also claims he had to call for "hazardous material clean up" to dispose of the "narcotics" that were allegedly left behind from Manziel's party.

The footage captured by TMZ shows Manziel getting served while stepping out of the club with a woman, and into a Rolls Royce to speed off to another club, Warwick, where he spent the rest of the night partying and eventually leaving with the same woman. Manziel only responded to the man issuing the lawsuit by saying, "Thank you, brother. Yes, sir."

Interestingly, the lawsuit was served on the same day Manziel's lawyer issued a statement regarding Manziel saying that he was focusing on pursuing his NFL career. Manziel was cut from his former team the Cleveland Browns earlier this year after being drafted by the team only two years prior. Manziel has had a history of partying and issues such as the new lawsuit filed by Nicholas Goodwin are the main reasons why Manziel was cut.


Manziel's career in the NFL may be unsure, but he can at least rely on the fact that he will have to answer for the damages caused in Nicholas Goodwin's Hollywood rental home in the near future.