Is Kurt Sutter's Sons of Anarchy Prequel In Trouble?

Plenty of excitement surrounds the latest news on Kurt Sutter's return to the motorcycle gang world of Sons Of Anarchy with a brand new prequel to the hit series - Mayans MC.

FX Networks has already described the new series as a "dark, visceral family drama that takes a new look at the most American of icons, the 1% outlaw, this time reflected through a Latino lens."

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(Photo: FX)

It's no secret that Sons Of Anarchy was easily the most brutally violent television series on network TV, which had a lot to do with it's vast appeal. It was a deep, dark look into a subculture that most of us know nothing about.

Sutter is known for taking things too far, especially in his last series The Bastard Executioner, which was cancelled after one season, because...well audiences didn't want to see explicit scenes of live babies being ripped from their mother's womb.

A recent comment by Sutter has suggested that he may be headed towards a more positive light, which undoubtedly would affect his future projects including Mayans MC.

"My point is this. I love being a misanthrope. My default is always anger and aggression. I feel empowered when I eviscerate the things that I don't like. Or more accurately, the things that scare me. But I know to dump hate and fear on top of this precarious political climate makes me part of the problem.

So for my own sanity and in the spirit of hope for my kids and all citizens of the world, I promise to look for the similarities rather than the differences. And instead of complaining about beliefs and policies I don't think are right, I will try to put that energy into something productive that incites change rather than derisiveness."

Now, if we remember correctly a whole lot of Sons of Anarchy dealt with racism between the various motorcycle clubs, one of them being the Latino club - The Mayans.

In fact, the entire first season of SOA was a battle between the "white club" and the "brown club."

Now that Sutter has openly made these comments, we're thinking that we probably won't get another brutally shocking and violent series out of Kurt Sutter.

Because no matter what the outcome or moral of the story may be, violence especially between different ethnicities is NOT a positive thing.


And Kurt clearly said in his response to Trump's nomination that, "to dump hate and fear on top of this precarious political climate makes me part of the problem."

The forthcoming installment to the SOA franchise is expected to air in 2017.