IMAX Will Build You A Private Home Theater


The IMAX Private Theatre division will build you an IMAX cinema setup in your home, all you need is to have $400,000 to spare for the new setup.

The entry level IMAX theater, called the "Palais," starts at about $400k for an 18-seat auditorium. "For your money you get Dual 4K 2D/3D projectors, a proprietary IMAX sound system, and a media playback system that supports everything you might want to throw at it (TV, games, Blu-ray, etc.)" according to ARStechnica. The screen size will vary depending upon the setup of the theater, but generally they will be around 10 feet tall or more.

If the $400k theater is just not going to cut it for you, and you need something even bigger, you can go for the "Platinum" IMAX home theater at a cost of about $1 million. You will get a significantly larger screen and be able to hold up to 40 people in the auditorium. The specifications for the "Platinum" have not been identified on the IMAX website but it is likely similar to that of the "Palais."

The most interesting aspect of the IMAX setup is that they are selling a separate box that will allow customers to watch new films as they are released to the major cinemas. The box, called "Home Premier," will cost around $10k and uses fingerprint recognition technology for security purposes. At the moment the "Home Premier" will only be offered in Asia due to the exclusivity rights the cinemas in the U.S. and Europe have on new releases. There are two Private IMAX showrooms in China with three planned to be coming to the U.S., according to Bloomberg.


If you were able to have a private IMAX theater in your home, what is the first movie you would watch on the giant screen?