'I'm A Full Size Human Being': Seth Rollins Just Challenged Conor McGregor To A Wrestling Match

"I'm a full-size human being." Seth Rollins is having none of Conor McGregor's @wwe criticism.

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Oh no. Seth Rollins went and did it now. The WWE favorite was recently on ESPN and asked about Conor McGregor, only to give a to-the-point answer that is sure to set fire to McGregor's world.

Conor McGregor has not had the best luck lately with people talking trash to him. Just a couple days ago Nate Diaz barged in a press conference and ended up getting in a throwing fight with McGregor. And now McGregor is getting tagged by Seth Rollins:

Well it sounds to me like Conor is taking a page out of our game and trying to sell a couple extra Pay-per-views. You know if he was serious about... the guy's 5'6, 145 or whatever the guy walks around at. You can see me here. I'm a full size human being here. If he wants to come around and try to slap the face off of me or whatever insult he's got for the day by all means come step in our ring and see what you got.

Granted McGregor fueled this fire by saying he'd "slap the heads of the entire WWE lineup" so Rollins is not at all out of line for tagging him back.

Sit back. This should be fun.