Heidi Klum's Halloween Clones Cost As Much As A Beverly Hills House

Going as yourself for Halloween is a pretty cost-effective route, unless of course you're Heidi Klum and you bring along five prophetically-enhanced supermodels.

And that's exactly what Klum did. Her five Klum Klones didn't come cheap, costing a staggering $10 million to complete the ensemble. Of course, Mike Marino, who did Klum's Jessica Rabbit costume last year, may have been joking about the figure, but there's no way to know for certain.

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(Photo: US Magazine)

"We can never give full details on payment, so we'll leave it up to your imagination!" a representative said.

Klum was dead set on her Halloween cast of Klum Klones, even though she knew it would be a costly and difficult endeavor.

"There's no changing Heidi's mind once she sees it in her head," Marino said. "But that's what I like about working with her. She knows what she wants very clearly."

It took approximately two hours to transform each of the models into a Klum Klone, and according to Marino, just about anyone can be Kluminized.

"Anyone can actually be Heidi if they wear this mask," Marino said. And yet, he added, "The eye shapes of each girl will show through. That I cannot change. There's really only one Heidi, and her eyes tell it all!"


What did you think of Klum's Halloween costume this year?

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