Heavily Armed Active Shooter Opens Fire Near Polling Station

A heavily armed gunman opened fire near a polling station in Azusa, California, wounding at least three and killing one.

As one of the victims was headed to the polling station, the gunman fired his rifle at least 10 times. Police quickly responded to the scene and were met with a barrage of gunfire. Police shot back at the gunman, who fled into a nearby home.

(Photo: Washington Times)

Around 20 officers surrounded the residence and the suspect hiding inside, evacuating the area in the process.

"This is a very volatile and critical situation," said Azusa Police Officer Jerry Willison.

The shooting caused a lockdown for Slauson Middle School and Mountain View Elementary, as well as a nearby daycare center and preschool. It also affected two polling stations at Memorial Park.

"If necessary, cast a ballot at an alternate polling location," said Los Angeles County Registrar Dean Logan.

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