Glass Sky-Slide Opens 1,000 Feet Above LA

For those who are afraid of heights, Los Angeles has a new attraction that you'll most likely want to bypass. Of course, unless you're Guillermo Rodriquez, which means you must brave your fear of heights in front of millions of people while suspended 70 floors above L.A.

Jimmy Kimmel's right-hand man had a chance to test out the U.S. Bank Tower's newest addition, a 45-foot long glass slide that resides on the 70th floor of the landmark building.

Jimmy Kimmel Sky Slide
(Photo: Jimmy Kimmel Live)

From the slide, you get a birds-eye view of downtown Los Angeles, which resides about 1000 feet below you. Yeah, if there was ever a time where the phrase "don't look down" meant something, it would be here. As you can see in the video, Guillermo has a rather rough go of it, but on the bright side, it produces one of the best screenshots ever.

The slide can reportedly stand up to an 8.0 earthquake and up to 110 miles per hour hurricane-force winds, and while Guillermo got a special introductory go on the glass sky slide, for the general public it will cost about $33 (via CBS News). Still, it is a one of a kind experience in an iconic location and is actually one part of a $100 million dollar renovation of the building.


You can view Guillermo's entire experience in the video above.