George Lopez Flips On Donald Trump: 'Anything Orange I Don't Want'

George Lopez is clearly angry about the results of the Election. While at LAX on Friday, the 55-year-old absolutely went off on President-elect Donald Trump.

George Lopez Donald Trump
(Photo: Facebook)

A reporter from TMZ caught up with the comedian, and asked him whether he intended to give the billionaire real estate tycoon a chance before denouncing him as the President of the United States.

"I'll give him a chance to suck my a**," Lopez said in response.

Lopez then continued to explain that he had his own residence and indicated that if the next year does not go well then he will be moving. However, Lopez did not say where because he said that the prices would then skyrocket.

The comedian then threw shade at Donald Trump by talking about his skin.

"And I stopped eating Cheetos too," Lopez said. "Anything orange I don't want."

Lopez has made it no secret that he is not happy that Trump won the Election.

On November 12, Lopez took to social media to voice his opinion on Donald Trump. He posted a photo of a magazine cover from the New Republic magazine that showed the Statue of Liberty throwing up her middle finger with the headline, "Thank you, Trump!"

Lopez posted the photo with this scathing caption: "It's been a few days @realdonaldtrump, I'm gonna stay and see how you f*** this up, I'll be sitting on top of that wall #pelosmepela watching somebody with no experience pretend they know what they are doing is #TheMexicanDream so #TOMA. (I watch my TIO try to roof the house he put the shingles on first."

George Lopez was one of many celebrities that were not pleased with the results of the Presidential Election. This past Friday, another fellow comedian shared her anger about Donald Trump winning the Presidency, but it totally backfired on her. During a standup routine in Boston, Wanda Sykes began criticizing Donald Trump and the audience absolutely ripped her to shreds.

Check out the full video showing George Lopez going off Donald Trump here.

What do you think about George Lopez's comments on Donald Trump winning the Presidency?

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