'Game Of Thrones' Star Sophie Turner Is Sporting A Rad New Wolf Tattoo

During an extended hiatus from Game of Thrones, 20-year-old Sophie Turner is taking full advantage of her time off. The actress debuted a drastically different look in an Instagram post on Monday where she was sporting platinum blonde locks and a rather large wolf tattoo on her upper left arm.

Did Sophie Turner take Summer's death a lot harder than we imagined, and get a giant tattoo of the dire wolf on her arm? Possibly, but this brand new ink is actually for a movie she's currently filming in Los Angeles.

The new look is for the indie drama called Huntsville, being directed by Eric England. Turner stars as a high school student named Josie, who has recently re-located to an old Florida town where she enters into a relationship with an older single man named Hank played by Dylan McDermott, according to MTV. After some of the relationships that Turner's character had on Game of Thrones, this doesn't seem like anything that Sansa Stark wouldn't be accustomed to.

Sophie has been extremely busy lately as she's had a starring role as a young Jean Grey in X-Men: Apocalypse earlier this summer, and also has several more films in production at the moment. In light of the fact that GOT is coming down to its final stretch, Turner just may be able to continue lining up other projects under the suspicion that her GOT character will get killed off just like the slew of other prominent characters in the popular HBO series.

What do you think about Sophie Turner's new look for Eric England's indie drama Huntsville?