Florida State Seminoles Suffer Worst Defeat In History

It was not a good day for the Florida State Seminoles.

They battled against the Louisville Cardinals Saturday and the outcome was catastrophic. The Seminoles were simply run over by the Cardinals at every turn and the game ended at 63-20 - the Seminoles' worst loss in an ACC game.

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(Photo: Floridastate.247sports)

They were only down a few points in the second quarter at 14-10, but that quickly changed. The Cardinals' Lamar Jackson ran four rushing touchdowns and a passing touchdown, and completed 13 of 20 passes for 216 yards.

But the Seminoles weren't without their highlights. Auden Tate managed a 20-yard touchdown in the fist half and an impressive touchdown grab in the fourth quarter.

This loss marks an unfortunate day in the Seminoles' history, and the most lopsided defeat of the Jimbo Fisher Era.


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