Emerald City Recap - Beautiful Wickedness

The episode opens in Topeka Kansas, in 1996. The Wizard (actually a dude named Frank) arrives at the nuclear plant where he works. Dorothy's mother is a nuclear physicist at the plant, whom Frank seems to have a soft spot for. When Dorothy's mother tries to start up the nuclear reactor, the reactor overloads and starts generating too much energy. As a vortex appears in one of the smokestack, Dorothy's mother, Frank, and two other scientists try to manually shut down the system.

In the present day, Dorothy asks Frank/the Wizard how he knew her mother. The Wizard says he knew Dorothy since she was born, and that he loved her mother very much.

Eamonn interrogates Lucas as to why he killed all those guards. Eamonn says that Lucas's punishment will be remembering what he did. Anna walks in and puts some sort of contraption on his head and uses it to look into his eyes.

The Wizard asks Dorothy to give her the gun, or at least a bullet as a sign of trust. Dorothy gives him the bullet, before Eamonn arrives with his sword drawn. The Wizard tells Eamonn to stand down, but Eamonn still remembers when Dorothy shot him a couple episodes ago. Eamonn says that Anna has discovered that Lucas's memories are intact, but protected by magic. Dorothy tells the Wizard that if he wants her to trust him, she'll let him see Lucas.


When she gets down to Lucas's cell, she begs Lucas to lie to the Wizard and say she saw something. Lucas refuses to, claiming that he wants to know who he was. Then, West and Tip walk in, presumably to break the magical barrier protecting Lucas's mind.

The next morning, the Wizard orders Glinda's henchwoman Elizabeth to keep away from Dorothy and to either convince Ev to make weapons for the Emerald City or to figure out a way into Lucas's mind. Afterwards, he tells Anna that she's to replace Elizabeth on his Grand Council. Eamonn approaches and asks why he is protecting Dorothy.

West casts a spell on Lucas and discovers that Glinda was the one messing with Lucas's mind.

Outside, Tip runs into Jack in the hallway. She's shocked to see him alive and says she can fix everything now. When Jack lashes out at her, Tip says she loves him, but Jack isn't amused. Ev shows up and forces Jack to reveal that he's mostly metal now. Ev says while the old Jack might have been Tip's friend, the new Jack is her friend.

West claims that she can work around Glinda's magic, but it will require someone close (AKA Dorothy). However, West warns that if they're not close enough, both Dorothy and Lucas will go insane.

The Wizard gives Ev a bullet and says she could mass produce both the guns and bullets. They're interrupted by Ev's father, who says he hears his dog outside. Ev tells the Wizard to bring the gun, and they'll talk about a deal.

West uses a spell to pull Dorothy into Lucas's mind. Dorothy discovers that Lucas was transporting a group of girls with abilities similar to Sylvie when they were stopped by some guards. Lucas and the girls tried to overpower the soldiers, but when Lucas is stabbed, he swallows a pill hidden inside his ring (presumably to make him forget).

The Wizard tells Eamonn to get the gun and says that he might be able to provide Dorothy with a purpose. West rushes in and says that her mother (South) is still alive and is producing witches for Glinda. While the Wizard doesn't understand what Glinda wants with new witches, West says that Glinda is amassing an army to use against him. The Wizard realizes that Glinda's high council were spies and orders to Eamonn to find Sylvie.

Elizabeth shows up at Lucas's cell, frees Lucas and directs him to a cart. Lucas wants to find Sylvie, but Dorothy volunteers (since she's not an escapee) to find Sylvie instead. When Dorothy goes outside, Eamonn quickly susses out what she's doing and says to follow her to the girl.

The Wizard looks down on Anna and the rest of the High Council. He has a flashback of his first moments in Oz, when some of the Munchkin tribe found him, Dorothy's mother, and another doctor wondering in the woods.

Eamonn brings Dorothy to his house, and gives her a sleeping Dorothy (and Toto). He says that he's helping Sylvie and hopes that Dorothy can get past his guards.

Dorothy takes Sylvie back to the castle to get into Lucas's cart, but there's too many guards surrounding it. Meanwhile, Ev's father wanders out of the castle still looking for his dog.

Dorothy approaches the Wizard and asks for help. He then has a flashback to living in the Munchkin village with a newborn Dorothy. The other physicist returns from a meeting with East and says that East is sending them home. When Frank and the others arrived in Oz, it caused a ripple effect that would eventually bring the Beast Forever to Oz. Frank refuses to leave and says that he staged the accident to punish the others for treating him like he's stupid. We also found out that the physicist who died trying to stop the system meltdown is Dorothy's father.

Ev's father finds Sylvie and Toto. As Toto starts barking, Sylvie starts to shake.

The Wizard shows Dorothy a vortex chamber and says that it can bring her home. He offers a trade, kill Glinda with her gun and prevent the war and he'll send her home. Before Dorothy answers, they hear screams outside as someone has found Ev's father's petrified body.

Ev and Jack look at Ev's father's body. Meanwhile, Dorothy finds Lucas, Sylvie, and Toto. Elizabeth lets Dorothy travel with Lucas out of the city. As the Wizard watches them leave, he tells Eamonn that Dorothy came up with the plan to leave the city and use Sylvie to kill Glinda.


In a final flashback, we see Frank try to impress the Muchkins by making a rudimentary battery, but he gets upstaged by Ojo's wife using magic.

The Wizard greets Ev as she tries to leave. Ev vows vengeance, but the Wizard says that Glinda was the one who killed her father. However, the Wizard says that they can stop Glinda using guns. He pulls out Dorothy's gun and shoots Anna in the heart and then declares that they're going to war against magic.