EgyptAir Wreckage Located In Mediterranean


The wreckage of the EgyptAir plane that crashed into the Mediterranean last month has been located. The crash claimed the lives of all 66 people aboard the plane.

EgyptAir Flight 804 was heading to Cairo from Paris when it vanished over the Mediterranean and was located by a French Vessel, the John Lethbridge. The fallen plane was an A320, and the search team plans to check the plane's flight data recorders as to learn more about the cause of the crash.

According to Fox News, the Egyptian government "had identified several main locations of the wreckage, accordingly the first images of the wreckage were provided to the investigation committee." Also, the searchers found parts of the missing jet's cabin at several sites as well as some human remains according to Daily mail.

The search team will use the the images of the wreckage to plot points for the wreckage distribution spots.

No terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for the attack as of yet. Although a terrorist attack has not been ruled out, it is possible there was a technical malfunction that was the cause of the crash. Automated messages from the plane shortly before the crash indicate the presence of "smoke in the cabin and a fault in the flight control unit."


Terrorist organization ISIS claimed responsibility for an attack on a Russian plane seven months ago that killed 224 people, but they have not indicated responsibility for this most recent plane crash.