Donald Trump's Presidential Election Gets Manga Adaptation

The 2016 US presidential election and its winner, president elect Donald Trump, continue to resonate across the globe. Comic book fans might be interested to know that the election result has had such an impact that even Japanese manga is weighing in, via the series Weekly Shonen Champion, Baki-Dou.

Donald Trump Manga

Spotlighted by Anime News Network, the popular Baki manga's latest issue (Nov. 24) features Trump in a scene where the presidential elect meets with president "Barack Ozuma," in the same manner as the real-life Oval Office visit between the two. The manga has some fun with Turmp's facial expressions during that meeting, depicting him as perplexed or oblivious as to what Ozuma is trying to explain.

The comic continues with Trump boasting about making America great again, and his own personally glory - that is, until he is paid a visit by Yujiro Hanma, the iconic strongest fighter in Baki the Grappler lore. Seeing Hanma makes Trump wet himself, before throwing up what looks like a Nazi salute and reciting some personal oath.

It's all in the over-the-top satirical tradition of manga, and is in fact a tradition for incoming US presidents of the 21st century. Baki had fun with George W. Bosh by making him Hanma's limo driver; and Barack Ozuma simply backed down to the big man when he first took office.


Artist Keisuke Itagaki is clearly having some big fun with the idea of Trump's bombastic talk during the campaign being empty tough-talk rhetoric. No matter your own political leanings, it's crazy to realize that a US election is having such big impact around the world.