Domino's Pizza Training Reindeer To Deliver Pizza In Japan

As if reindeer aren't working hard enough this time of the year, Domino's Pizza has enlisted the help of Santa's sidekicks to help navigate the brutal terrain of the upcoming expected winter storms.

There are almost no lengths businesses won't go to try to cash in on the holiday spirit, but what sounds like a joke is becoming a possible reality in Japan. The nation's meteorological agency has predicted devastating blizzards and ice storms in the coming months, resulting in disastrous disruptions on roads, highways, and public transporting, causing serious complications in food distribution.

Not only because it would be adorable, but also due to the creature's abilities to navigate arctic areas, Domino's Japan has been developing a contingency plan involving reindeer equipped with GPS. The company admits there are many logistical hurdles they must first overcome, but they have issued a press release saying animal-handlers have been working with the animals at a driving school to find a solution to the potential of a winter wasteland.


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