Chris Pratt Owns A Fussy Fan Who Won’t Stop Bothering Him

Chris Pratt totally owned a fussy fan that wouldn't quit pestering him for an autograph.

Pratt was at the LAX airport when he was enveloped by a swarm of fans. The Guardians of the Galaxy and Parks and Recreation star dutifully signed a handful of memorabilia, but when it was finally time for him to get into his SUV, things took a turn for the worse.

One fan who didn't get Pratt's autograph threw a fit, which definitely got Pratt's attention. The actor stopped the car and rolled down his window to address the situation.

"You're cussing me out now … You should be nicer. Come on, man, quit being a jerk."

And with that, Pratt rolled up his window and drove away.


Do you think Pratt over reacted, or was the fussy fan over the line?

[ H/T TMZ ]