Chris Hardwick's Pokemon GO Roster Is Stacked

Hardwick Pokemon

Professional panel moderator, Walking Dead therapist, comedian, game show host and now Pokemon GO trainer Chris Hardwick looks like he has caught them all.

The Talking Dead host shared a look at his top dogs on Instagram earlier today and it's an impressive roster. From my post here in Nashville, it's easy to be envious of Hardwick's Golem and Rhydon but having just returned from San Diego Comic Con, it makes sense. The game's Pokemon spawning system is regional and the west coast sees a ton of Geodudes, Sandshrews, and Growliths while pocket of the nation sees Pidgeys and Eevees in large doses.

Nevertheless, a 1742 Arcanine will be tough to compete with.

Raichu? Seriously? How many Pikachu can a guy catch in a few weeks?

Over the weekend at Comic Con, Hardwick moderated the Pokemon GO panel. Very little news came out of the panel but Hardwick revealed he is Team Mystic. Other than that, it sounds like John Hanke of Niantic is "working on" just about everything the game's players want to see but doesn't have any confirmations or time frames for incoming updates.


Does your Pokemon GO roster compete with Hardwick's? Post a screenshot of your top Pokemon in the comment section!